Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boys and Girls- PTU

I've used the lovely PTU artwork of Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase his art and a license HERE.
This is a PTU tagger kit bundle called Teen Boy and Teen Girl by Seven's Scraps. You can purchase it HERE.
I've used a Template# 85 by Melissa'z Creationz. It can be downloaded HERE.
The mask is by Vixen, #147. Download it on her blog HERE.
My supplies can be downloaded HERE.
Font used is akaFrivolity.

Lets Begin!

Open the tag template, and resize the canvas from the center to 800x800 by going to
Image>Canvas Size.
Delete the credits layer.

Open TeenBoy_paper11 from the kit.
Copy your paper and go to the template.
On your circle layer, go to Selections>Select All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat.
Paste your paper by going to Edit>Paste As New Layer.
Then go to Selections>Invert and press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete the extra paper.
Be sure to delete the original layer of the template.
(Follow this procedure when asked to Copy and Paste a paper to a layer of the template.)

Open TeenGirl_paper11.
Copy and Paste this paper to rectangle of the template.

Open TeenBoy_paper02.
Copy and Paste this paper to the squares of the template.

Copy and Paste your male tube as a new layer above the top squares.
Arrange it so that it is above the squares the way you want it to show.
Duplicate the tube and place one above the bottom square.
Select a square layer and Selections>Select All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat, Selections>Invert
Select the tube layer above it and press delete.
Repeat this for the other square layer and tube.

Open papercaro01 from either kit.
Copy and Paste this paper to each frame of the template.

Copy and Paste your female tube to the top of the layers and arrange to the left.
Duplicate tube, go to Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur- 3
Set the blurred layer to Layer Property Soft Light
(Duplicate, blur and soft light the male tubes as well)

Open TeenBoy_plasticstar01 and TeenGirl_plasticstar01.
Resize the boy stars and arrange above the stars on the right of the template.
Resize the girl stars and arrange them above the stars on the bottom of the template.
Delete the template star layers.

Open TeenBoy_bow02 and paste above the square frame layer.
Arrange and rotate to fit around the frame.

Open the wordart within my spplies.
Copy and Paste it at the top layer.
Select All>Float, Select All>Defloat, Selections>Modify>Expand- 3
Layer>New Raster Layer
Flood fill the selection with white and move the layer below the wordart.
Select the wordart layer and Merge Down.

Open TeenGirl_woman01 and TeenBoy_man01.
Copy and Paste each below the wordart layer.
Resize and arrange as shown in the tag.

Open TeenGirl_doodle01 and TeenBoy_doodle04.
Copy and Paste each at the bottom of the layers.
Duplicate the girl doodle and arrange one to the top left and one at the bottom.
Arrange the boy doodle to the top right, as shown in the tag.

Open TeenGirl_ribbon02 and TeenBoy_ribbon02.
Copy and Paste above the circle layer.
Resize and arrange as shown in the tag.

Open TeenGirl_lavalamp01.
Copy and Paste above the stars.
Resize and arrange to the right as shown in the tag.

Open TeenGirl_paper01 and resize to 800x800 pixels.
Copy and Paste it at the bottom layer.
Add your mask by going to Layer>Load/ Save Mask>Load Mask from Disk.
Apply the mask named Vix _ Mask147.
Merge the mask group by right clicking the layer of the finished mask, go to Merge>Merge Group.
Resize and arrange mask to fit as shown in the tag.

I used the font akaFrivolity. I set it to 72 pixels a stroke width of 6.
Foreground color to white and background color to black.
Duplicate the layer and select the second font layer with the font tool.
Set the stroke width to 0.
Merge the 2 font layer and convert to a raster layer.

Drop shadow everything except the mask and the top tube layers.
Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow, set the drop to 3 vertical, 2 horizontal, 75 opacity, 4 blur.

Add your copyright info and your tag.

Merge everything in Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

All Finished!

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