Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Life Now (Twilight)- FTU

I've used an FTU tube from Anti-Social Distortions. It's no longer available.
This is an FTU kit called Inked by KatNKDA. It can be downloaded on her blog HERE.
The mask is by Wee Scots Lass Creations, #192. It can be download on her blog HERE.
The wordart is by Binty's Designs. It can be downloaded on her blog HERE.

Lets Begin!

Open a new image that's 800x800 pixels, with a white background.
Open element18 from the kit and resize it to 40% by going to Image>Resize,
Change pixels dimension to percent and type in 40.
Copy and Paste it onto your working canvas.

Open the tube and resize it to 40 %.
Copy and Paste it as a new layer on top of your paper element.
Position the tube at the bottom of the paper element.

Open element12 and resize to 40%.
Copy and Paste it above your tube.
Position this element by the legs of the tube.
Select the tube layer and erase any portion of the legs that is sticking out passed the ink pen element.

Open element10 from the kit resize to 25%.
Copy and Paste as new layer below the paper element.
Position it to the left behind the head of the tube.
Layer>Duplicate, Image>Mirror, and position the second rose on the right behind the legs.
Resize a little smaller to fit.

Open element08 and resize to 50%.
Copy and Paste it behind the rose layers.
Image>Mirror, and position on the left side of the paper as shown in the tag.

Open element05.
Copy and Paste it on top of the paper element layer.
Rotate slightly to the right and position at the top of the paper.

Open element28 and resize to 20%.
Copy and Paste it behind the rose layers and position it to the right of the paper.
Rotate it slightly to the left to show around the rose, as shown in the tag.

Open a wordart of choice and resize to about 15%.
Copy and Paste it on top of the paper element.
Rotate and fit accordingly.

Open paper05.
Copy and Paste as new layer below everything.
Apply mask by going to Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load Mask From Disk.
Apply Mask titled WSL_Mask192 to layer.
Merge the mask group by right clicking the layer of the finished mask, go to Merge>Merge Group.

I used the font Be Safe, set to 48 pixels.
Background color set to black.
Type your name with a comma above the paper layer and position it at the top of the paper above the wordart.

Drop shadow everything except the wordart, text, and mask.
Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow, set the drop to 3 vertical, 2 horizontal, 75 opacity, 4 blur.

Add any applicable copyright info and your tag.

Delete the white background layer.

Merge everything in Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

All Finished!

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